What format will I receive my voice tag in ?

  • You will receive your voice tag in .WAV format. An MP3 format can be provided also upon request.

How many phrases can I have with my voice tag purchase ?

  • When buying a voice tag, you’re basically paying for your vocalist to say 1 phrase or 1 name and vocal fx to be added to your vocal audio recording. If you want multiple phrases, you will have to purchase again for the other phrase or name you want as a voice tag. You’re basically paying per phrase or name for your voice tag.
Acceptable Example: “Major On The Beat” = 1 Voice Tag
Invalid Example: “Major On The Beat” & “Major Shut It Down” = 2 Voice Tags

When will I receive my voice tag ?

  • This answer depends on if you chose Standard, Premium, or Fast as your service for your voice tag.

Can I have Dry version of my voice tag also ?

  • Yes! This is standard with every order. You will receive your voice tag with both "DRY" and "WET-FX" versions with every order.